Accessorizing For Men – Four Tips To Consider

Fashion for men has become much more diverse within the past few years with more men recognising and finding out their own style and how to accesorise. If you still need to figure out your style preferences and what types of clothing you prefer, experiment by trying different items. Keep things simple and practical according to your taste – unless you enjoy being more extravagant and wish try out wilder styles. But a few simple accessories can actually make an entire outfit come together, regardless if it’s a casual or formal event. 

Look At The Size Of The Accesories

You need not combine many accessories when putting an outfit together, but you can select one or two pieces that can stand out. It is better to avoid wearing several large accessories such as a large watch combined with large jewelry and sunglasses. But that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment and create your own sense of style. The general rule is that an accessory should be proportionate to the frame of your body – so that it won’t drown or over-emphasise your features.

Coordinate With Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours depending on the occasion. You need not include bold, bright colours if you don’t want to, but try something like coloured silk bow ties Australia or pocket squares that stand against a dark coloured suit. The majority of colour schemes for men’s fashion include neutral, pastel or dark colours that can be worn with anything which are more practical choices. However, small touches can be added so that the colours are well coordinated.

Combine Textures And Metals

Combining shirts or sweaters of different textures can create a good look rather than simply matching everything together. Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum combined with silks are more suited for more extravagant or formal events, however, leather can be considered as well. Textures such as cottons, polyester or wool are more suitable for more casual settings. Accessories such mens silk ties or cufflinks of certain metals can create a good look for a formal or official event when combined with a suit.

Consider Prints And Patterns

Stripes, dots, plaid, paisley or patterns can really make an outfit stand out when combined with other simpler or accessories or clothing. Clothing of a single colour can be easily matched with patterned accessories such as scarves, hats or ties and vice versa. Depending on the print or pattern, it’s better to select only one printed item and avoid making everything else perfectly matched.