How To Choose A Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Unlike diamonds, Tourmaline does not have a standard grading system, as a result, random looks at one stone price. Let’s take a better understanding of the quality and price of touring.


The color is the greatest impact on price and price of tourmaline ring in Melbourne. When choosing a stone with an engagement ring, choose the color you prefer! If you do not like the color, there is not even the “excellent stone” ideal.

Before you choose a unique tour, look for different types of lights. Many of these trips are great in sunshine but they are a little grey in artificial lighting. If you are buying online, ask the supplier to get other light photographs.


The most common color is the most common commemorative color, lock locks, sometimes called “very elites”. But the price can vary greatly depending on the change in pigments, pigments and saturation.

The green tone is always green with green touring, but there may also be a secondary tone. Green journeys have secondary blue and yellow colors. Most people prefer turquoise jeweler, so it is a bit expensive.

The tone indicates how dark the gem is. For green stones, most people prefer a relatively dark tone of about 70%. Brick stones are also beautiful, and the color of the green mint is very beautiful. But it is not worth making trips that are too dark or light to see the colors.

From a cost perspective, saturation is the most important factor. Saturated green has a tighter color, and has a low grey or brown saturation. So if you prefer olive green or grey, such as storm days in the sea, you can save money.

Tourmaline emerald chromium is sold at a higher price than another green tourmaline.

From red to pink

Some of the most popular colors on the journey are red and pink. Known as rubellites, these rivets can imitate Ruby, but they are much cheaper.

Secondary color of the red tourmaline ring can be orange or purple. Most purple is preferable, and the price for purple ticks is reflected in the price. Saturation is another important factor. It is worth the brightest and saturated colors to be more than red and grey pink.

Multiple colors

If you are travelling to different colored jewels, the price can be much more complicated. First look at the color of the gem. Is it bright and saturated? Colors are not always saturated at lower prices. Color combinations are also important. The most common colors are pink and green. Other combinations are more expensive because they are scarce you can take a look for ceylon sapphire ring.

Then look at the distribution of the stone. Ideally for short-term travelers, each color is half-stone. But this case is rare. But the color covering the same part is more expensive than the color with the 90% / 10% color distribution.

Finally, see the contact between the colors. There are crisp lines in it and it is crispy. If the colors look or colors, the price of jeweler will be slightly lower.