Types Of Bags You Need In Your Life

When I was in college back then, all I ever used was backpacks and I wouldn’t have known any better because I was clearly not the most fashionable person. I had some kind of a good fashion sense but I wasn’t that much into buying a lot of things that I might not be able to use plus the friends that I had was also quite studious like me and it wasn’t anyone’s interest to really try out new designs or styles. With time when we grew up, we started actually exploring new things and that’s when I actually started buying different bags to wear for different events.

When I was small, I didn’t really much attention to the bag I would carry but now it really hits my head on how much a bag throws in a good look to the overall outlook of the outfit. Now when I look up online I see so many bags of different categories; Status Anxiety handbags, casual go-to-bags, classy and sassy clutches and what not. This read will help you a little on figuring out the kind of bag that you might want to use in the occasion that you attend to. In school, life was so much easier when I was small because in my school we couldn’t really carry fancy bags around and mostly we were expected to bring a black standard looking one. Now the times have clearly changed and looking at the type of bags the kids carry to school, I could see the entire Pinterest tags on the way.They look quite customized and well-designed so definitely if you are still in college, the first type of bag that you should have in your life is a nice backpack.status anxiety handbag

If you look up for a boho clothing online or even a more chic clothing store, you will be able to get some inspiration in designing or re-styling your bag. There are quite a number of easy ways that you can transform your standard looking backpack into a quite trendy bag. The next kind of bag is a nice side-bag that you can carry for a casual outing. If you want to throw in your lipstick along with some cash or bank cards, such a bag would be ideal as it’s easy to carry around, stylish plus serves the purpose on top of it.

Finally every girl should have a stylish or branded handbag that can pull-off with many outfits. If it’s something like a nude shade, beige or a creamy mauve, you can wear it with most outfits and look classy all the time. These are some of the bags that you must have in your closet.